Weekend of Music

This weekend was a weekend of music. Friday night we went to Crossroads Winery to hear the Weekend Project. I love hearing Brian Coleman's power voice belting out "The Thrill is Gone." And of course, Tim Hill slipped in "I Don't Need Another Thrill" a cover of Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. By the very last song I couldn't stand it anymore and went and danced to Kiss' "I Want to Rock and Roll" and "Bony Maronie". (How can you just sit there and drink wine during that much great music?) Luckily Courtney and Kylie joined in so I wasn't completely solo. (Alas, I mostly have chair-dancing-poser friends. Only Sheila has an excuse. Her foot is broken.)

Saturday, we went to the Bath House Cultural Center to hear Parallel Play. The folk duo--which I first heard at the Mokah Lounge--is made up of "Jeremy Drake (master of the 5 string guitar, keeper of the zombie sound and a great tactician) and Jason Miears (the 3 sting banjo elitist, inventor of the “truck hit your face” move and the squatter of lost worlds)" --per their Facebook Fan page. I didn't know I was a fan of folk music until I heard Parallel Play, but then again, I never heard a folk Ode to Zombies before either so...hmmm.

Sunday night was Second Sunday Sing--except that we did it on the fourth Sunday because of a scheduling thing. There is something amazing about sitting and singing worship in a circle with friends.

What a wonderful weekend. All about the music.

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