Workday for ArtLoveMagic

Today Justin, Mike, Melody, Mario and I rolled up our sleeves and decided to once and for all finish the tasking for the 501C3 application for ArtLoveMagic.

John grilled fajitas for us and we fired up our laptops, started at the beginning, and tackled the tasks one by one. Most of the prep work had already been done, it was simply a matter of taking the 80% to the 100%.

At the end of the day we burned it all to a DVD and gave it to Mario who is going to finish the budgets tonight and send everything off to the Foundation Group.

It was an important day for ArtLoveMagic. One step closer to who they are going to be.


2012 Update.  ArtLoveMagic just got their 501c3 which frees up more support for all of the educational opportunities that they offer to artists.

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