Calling the Lurkers to Come Out and Play!

Okay so we're halfway through the year, and I bet you weren't expecting this. Soooooo....lurkers....How are you doing on your year's theme?

To recap, this is what you said back the first week of January:

David-the-Artist-Pastor said....Otro dia, otra aventura!
Big Tea said......Wubbba, Wubba, wub. Do Wop a do.
Happy said.....confidence.
Ashley said....hope.
Nancy-the-Insightful said....Trend and Fit.
Shannon-of-the-Six said....Follow Through
Robin-the-Artist said......Consistency
Floyd-the-Sidekick said....Onward, with feeling

Mine was "believe" and I thought it was fun that I found the whole word sitting staring at me in a store one day a few months ago. (I spraypainted it black and put it on my mantel. It was a funky moss color.) And oddly enough, the theme has played out in my life and thoughts. It has definitely been a year of challenging my beliefs and spending time in examining what I truly believe in.

So...those of you lurkers who played at the first of the year, chime in with an update. And, if the idea is new to you, start now and let us know. There is nothing more magical about January than July.


CrossPointeDave said...

I never expected that my otra dia, otra adventura would become such a reality to me. We've had quite the adventure in our faith community as we learn to live out our mission and vision. My family is getting ready for the adventure of moving (what a joy to get them packing everyday!) and sadly, my responsibility to care for my elderly mom is becoming quite the adventure. Through it all, I wouldn't change a thing! God is good!

NancyJ said...

No, I didn't expect that! What?? Being held accountable to something I said in January?? Actually, I love it, though! :-) (except for Big Tea's...what's that? I think WE will be the judge of your "wubba wubba"-ness, mister!!)

And, I'm excited to say, I'm actually DOING mine! I NEVER jump all the way in immediately, I just get my toes wet and check things "trend" is wonderful for me...and is working famously on several levels!

And I have to say, Cathy - "believe" fits you on several levels I think. Not just checking out your beliefs literally. We'll talk at Bic's TOMORROW! said...

I failed at year has gone more like NYUCK,NYUCK, NYUCK..WOOP,WOOP,WOOP,ARRRRRRR

Erin Bloggs-Brady said...

Hmmmm....I think I'm going with "Relax and Sleep". How am I doing? ...This probably wasn't the year...

Happy said...

lol... well, at the risk of sounding unconfident: I'm not sure. ;)

I think, tho, that I am growing in it... Thank you for the reminder that I did actually say that. :) I'm going to put some more thought and evaluation into this and write about it later this week.

Ashley said...

Hi Cathy! Thanks for the gentle reminder! I remain in a constant state of chaos and uncertainty but I have lots of Hope. I remain hopeful that I'm getting it right...hopeful that Cole will continue to thrive and hopeful that I'll find a little more peace this year! So far so good. What Pastor D says.. God is Good.

floydjoy said...

Onward, with feeling: pretty much on pace with that one. How can I not be with changes happening daily with my 1-year-old son? Onward = changes; With feeling = love deepens every day. Yeah, I cheated a little, knowing I would be fulfilling this one, but it's still good, at least to me.

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