An evening of softball

Since I have the day off tomorrow, I got to go see the Knights play tonight. So, armed with a bottle of all natural mosquito repellent and some sunscreen, John and I loaded up and went to Grapevine. It was an awesome game. The Knights got a zillion runs and creamed the other team.

Of course one of my favorite parts was that Kacie is back in town. She and Will are hanging out in Texas for the summer before his next movie begins. (Will is an effects wizard.) Kacie caught me up on the drama of their landlord who decided she no longer owned the house they were renting and blew off the foreclosure notices. She also caught me up on beach life and the joys of the dog beach--where the canine members of their family get to play in the surf. However, best of all, she and I did some surfing of our own (iPhone) so that I can find a bike like hers. (Very fun.)

Before the game, John worked on his hitting with his new invention--which is actually pretty cool. He's been working on adjusting his swing, and as it turns out, this contraption made of PVC pipe has been helping.

Afterwards, we all headed to Buffalo Wild Wings where Steve C. regaled us with his Cicada story. (Steve is the very best storyteller....Really.)

It was a great night. I love holidays.

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sunny said...

It was so great to see you! We should get together before I go back to Cali! Oh, I finally had a chance to ride my bike today. Woohoo!!!

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