When things are more than they should be...

Karen in our San Diego office has a glass heart on her desk. It was done by a local artist and her husband--knowing she loved it--bought it for her at an art fair.

Everyone who passes by her desk--oblivious to the story--comments on the beauty of it. Picks it up. Holds it.

A simple, colored piece of glass.

I wonder if sometimes there are more to things than what there should be. As if some part of what the artist was feeling when they created it, or the husband was feeling when he bought it, or Karen was feeling when she received it doesn't remain attached to it somehow.

My friend, Barbara, talks about vibrations. (Yes, I know, we're walking on the edge here.) But the reality is that all matter has some vibration to it in the molecules. (Living things have more than non-living things.) And we could follow this trail all the way to scripture saying that God spoke the world into existance and that sound is vibration, but really, this isn't a dissertation.

What if there is more than there should be with objects? We've all been in places that made us feel creepy--even when there wasn't a particular reason to feel so. We know clutter can sap our energy and make us feel overwhelmed. What if it also works in reverse? Can happy beautiful things--like Karen's glass heart--make other people happy too? Is that why book stores feel so universally wonderful?

Random thoughts to be sure.

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Happy said...

lol - bookstores ARE universally wonderful. B&N is one of my favorite retreat spots. :)

I heard this in a sermon once so I can't back it up for you from a book, but I know he read it somewhere - my pastor said that scientists have discovered that within protons and neutrons are these even smaller particles that whiz about within them, and actually emit a frequency as they travel - so LITERALLY - all of creation is singing. How cool is that? :)

Happy Sunday, Cathy. Have a wonderful day!

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