About Haley

When I headed down Good Latimer to the Art Love Magic offices, I passed the Deep Ellum Art Park, and the first thing I saw was Hailey--which totally made me smile.

Haley is a character that Michael Lagocki often draws. With a flannel shirt, kerchief, and a paintbrush behind her ear, Haley is most often shown drawing or dreaming.

I always assumed Haley was part of Ghostwerks, but when I asked Samax Randolph about it, he said she wasn't. He did say that Mike has been drawing her in his sketchbooks as long as he'd known him.

For me, the reason Haley is special is the way Mario Cauley tells her story. He said, "Haley is about love. Stars in the sky and all of that." More than the words, was the tone of Mario's voice when he said, "Haley is about love."

In finding a character to represent the heart of ArtLoveMagic, I can think of no better image than an ordinary girl with a paintbrush behind her ear and love in her heart. She's sort of what ArtLoveMagic is about.

Now if Michael would just write her backstory...

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