Day at Home

It started six weeks ago with working all weekend, then a trip to California, working another weekend, then vacation, then hanging out at the hospital with my dad. In the past six weeks, I've been home very little. And all of the little things left undone are nipping at me like pirranha. Silly things like the pantry is all out of order, and I'm wearing stuff I hate because I haven't done laundry, and all of the flowers in the hanging baskets are dead from neglect.

Today, I'm puttering. I'll definitely plant flowers. I might even nap.

And if I leave my house at all, it will only be to ride my bike around the neighborhood--which has hardly been out of the garage at all in the past six weeks.

Today is a full day at home. And though it may sound like a day of chores it isn't. Puttering is actually enjoyable because you choose what to do. And there is no end goal. You don't have to be productive.

For me, puttering is the very best kind of rest.

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