Fondue party

Last night, we had friends over for fondue. John and I love entertaining. In fact, one of the best parts about moving three years ago is that we have a house with a layout that is well set up for it. Fondue is a great meal because it takes awhile. You are cooking each piece of the meal while sitting there and there are multiple courses. Last night, cheese, hot oil (you batter and fry meats and vegetables) and chocolate and fruits for the dessert course.

Dan and Courtney were there. Courtney is actually where this whole thing started. We were talking about fondue MONTHS ago and it took forever for us to find a date when we could both do it.

David and Kylie came. I have a whole series of pictures of Kylie with hilarious faces. You see, Courtney told us about taking pictures when you are flubbering your lips and the stop frame of photography captures you so we experimented. (Actually, I experimented A LOT but notice I am not posting those.)

David even did some magic for us. So much fun. I love the part where your breath catches when something unexpected happens. Magic is wonderful...especially when it is right in front of you.

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