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Our church meets in rented space. So once a quarter, we skip the rent and pour all of our resources and energies into something to bless our community. (I wonder what could happen in our communities if every church turned their congregations out as a positive force once a quarter? It would be a literal army of people gifting the communities in which we live.)

Today, we had three Kaleide projects: 1) Planting an herb garden at a retirement community; 2) Helping CCA pass out free school supplies; and 3) an event for Bea's kids.

I was on the team that planted the herb garden. (Courtney, Kylie, and David--of our fondue friends--also showed up early that morning.)

I was really appreciative that Chris planned things and organized us all. She found wholesale landscape mix. Gave each of us assignments for herbs to bring, and asked us to bring gear.

It's very fun to do projects with friends. Peter and John shoveled clay. Nancy and Courtney put in borders. Lisa and Mike de-clayed shovels. (So glad Mike had a hose in his truck!) Ray and Holly planted herbs and all of us were into clean up.

Because here were so many people working on the project, it only took a little over an hour to get from start to finish.

Afterwards, all of us went to Joe's for lunch. Even Bethany showed up. So, tired and happy we shared stories and hung out together. Tomorrow is the first day of school so there was a lot of shopping and other activity to talk about.

I like my life-church-work-neighbor friends. Very cool to have people to live life with. And in case you are wondering what the finished product looked like...voila! Here is one of the beds.

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