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I probably should have mentioned that it was a painting by Sunny Raschke that hatched this whole plan for my week as a designer.

Sunny's painting, "The History of Shoes" was perfect for Beth--who has a deep love for both heels and flip flops. I bought it at ArtLoveMagic's Girl Show.

Though the idea started with the painting--my color pallette for the room departed from it, so I created these little squares to bridge the color of the wall, the painting and the curtains.

The shoes as art were an idea from the beginning. I went to the $9.99 shoe store (or as one of John's clients calls it, The Hoochie-Mamma Shoe Store). The shelves were a major buy from Big Lots and the frame was a custom that was returned--so I got it for an outrageous deal at Michaels.

The art piece over the headboard was created with album cover frames I picked up at Michaels (for half price!!) and diecut scrapbook paper. (Hanging them even and level was not a bit fun. So glad John helped.)

Stay tuned for THE BIG REVEAL...and mostly...what Bethany thinks of it all.

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NancyJ said...

Hooray!! You're really doing it!! In my mind's eye all the pieces look FABULOUS together! Can't wait for the big reveal!!!

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