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Well, the first step to any room makeover is a plan. And I sort of have one. Sort of...

Here's the thing...part of the reason Bethany never did her room herself was the chip chart. Let me explain...

My friend, Jody--a real-life interior designer--recommended creating flow in my house by painting from a single chip chart. It would give me variety while keeping continuity. [Sidebar: Jodi works with Redo! an affordable interior design firm in Dallas. They will even come redo your room simply using stuff you already own.]

Anyway, Bethany didn't think it was possible to design something she'd like off the chip chart because she's not that into neutral greens. (Of course, whether or not I can pull this off still remains to be seen.)

So, a trip to Sherwin Williams to pick up some "favorite tan" and the room is transformed from nondescript to a rich warm color.

Tomorrow, the saga continues...

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