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Probably the biggest challenge to this room makeover is creating additional storage while maintaining clean lines for the look I'm trying for.

One thing about Bethany is that she has A LOT of shoes. I went to the "As Seen on TV" aisle at Walgreens and picked up the shoe saver--which though we are using it turned out to be a bust. The storage is cheap and floppy--not nearly worth the $9.99 I paid for each of them.

Target produced a win with it's Itso shelving cubes. A single cube made a perfect nightstand for the Ikea bed Bethany already owns.

My other exciting find was also a repurpose of sorts. Beth had a magnet board filled with pictures. But the thing about magnet boards is that you typically fill them, then never really change anything. (The board had looked the same for the past three years.)So I folded up all of the mementos and boxed them for her, then transformed the board into accessory storage over her dresser.

Magnets serve as posts for hanging necklaces. A magnetic paper clamp holds her hat. Magnetic spice tins (from Ikea) serve as storage for hair clips and earrings making the board highly functional and customizable.

Stay tuned...two days until THE BIG REVEAL...

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