A silly thing to be giddy about...

Yesterday, while John was out playing softball with a prison ministry group he's part of, I spent the afternoon reorganizing the pantry. Well, it didn't actually start out like that. It started with me moving some things on the cabinet to make juicing easier in the mornings and wound up with me yanking everything out of the pantry and starting from scratch.

Though projects like this aren't fun in the middle of them, they feel so good when you are finished.

So, I took a picture to share my joy of a well-spent Sunday afternoon. (And so I'd have a blueprint a year from now if it denegrates into chaos again.) Of course the real payoff of getting things organized is in the evenings when I'm tired and making dinner and it becomes abnormaly frustrating when you have to spend even 30 seconds looking for something that you need.

Organization! Wheeee...

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