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As a Texas girl, I'm pretty into salsa. Over the years, I've test driven tons of recipes with varying ingredients...lime, comino/cumin, onion, cilantro, etc. But when I had salsa at Elsa's it was the best I'd ever tasted.

To my surprise, it was also the simplest. Here is what you do:

Step 1. Put 5-7 whole Roma tomatoes in a glass dish along with 3-6 jalepenos with the stems removed. (Depending on how spicy you like your salsa.) I typically throw all from the refrigerator to the bowl then rinse it all at once to be speedy.

Step 2. Put the lid on the dish and put in the microwave for 5 full minutes. (This is the part that really brings out the flavor in the jalepenos and tomatoes as they steam inside their own skins.)

Step 3. Pour contents into blender and add salt. (If you like you can also put in a clove of garlic, but trust me...nothing else.) Pulse a few times in the blender. (You don't want it to be too liquidy.)

Step 4. Enjoy.

You can serve still warm, or put in a jar and keep in the refrigerator. (It remains good for about a week.)


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NancyJ said...

Cathy's is the best and the simplest! (unless you blend more than JUST A COUPLE SECONDS! A QUICK PULSE and THAT'S ALL! I really messed it up once)

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