A day in Paris....Texas

John and I found ourselves a little cash-poor on this our 22nd Anniversary. So, we decided to go to Paris.


As we were trying to decide what to do we had a conversation that we'd never had before. The way each of us views anniversaries. For me, it is all about romance. All the geeky overt demonstrations of love. Holding hands...being sentimental...etcetera, etcetera...

For John it is about celebration. The woo hoo! factor.

Sooooooo, to accomodate both, we drove through gorgeous Texas backroads to a little town in East, Texas. (I adore that the Eiffel Tower in front of the Love Civic Center has a cowboy hat!)

We went to a winery and explored the antique shops on the square. (This is John looking at a cash register from 1918, and gacking over the 4k price.)

There was a huge marble fountain in the middle of the square so we made a wish together in it.

I wore my boots--sort of obligatory for a Texas girl who goes anywhere outside of the city when it's cold outside. And it took me forever to realize John was making shadow puppets as I took pictures!

I made John pose for copious amounts of pictures. (Which he loves....ha!....but isn't he handsome?)

And we ended our evening back at the Best Thai, where John got down on one knee three years ago ring in hand to ask me to spend the rest of our lives together. (You see the first time we did that we were a bit rushed with some of the formalities....smile.)

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Ashley said...

Awwhhh. I love this. Happy Anniversary!!

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