The Dreaded Dentist

All I can think about is my visit to the dentist today.

It started with an innocent cleaning appointment yesterday and now I have to go get a crown put on because I have a cracked tooth. (Shudder.)

And oddly enough the thing that freaks me out the most is emotional over physical. There is something about hearing the drill and smelling the smell that drilled tooth makes that is absolutely horrifying.

Stupid tooth.


ashley said...

May I suggest getting knocked out or the happy gas? :) I have a true fear of the dentist also (and I'll be there in 2 weeks) yikes! Ben assured me that if I have to have anything major done that I could be knocked out - gosh I love him!

garydrew01 said...

The best friend of mine is also ashamed when it comes to dentistry. Talking about dental services, she always ignores it. But not yesterday when she also needed to put on a crown also due to her crack teeth. After few hours at Tooth Extraction Orange County, she came out crying but the dental experience was succesful.;)

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