Random Shout Out

A random shout out to Nathon Hay at household-budget-nerd.com.

Nathon's financial advice for "budget nerds" and "free spirits" cracks me up. It's a light-hearted but practical look at household budgeting. (Yes, Nathon....like your wife, I'm a free spirit but I also like being solvant.)


Happy said...

Cathy, I'm curious - how did you find that site? It's really helpful! :) And funny. (and i'm so glad to know there are at least 2 other free spirits out there, lol!)

Cathy_H said...

I met Nathon (and his free spirit wife Melody) via Art Love Magic. When Nathon commented on my blog, I explored his site....which as you now know is great.

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