A sad passing...

Back in 1999--after a very good year in the stock market--my parents bought us a car.

It was beautiful. Grand Prix GT. Black. Leather seats. And it was soooooo much fun to drive.

Over the past 10 years, it has served each member of our family well. First it was John's car, then mine, then Chase's, then Bethany's.

Today, we received word from our mechanic, that we have to put her to sleep.

It is a sad passing--and one that leaves Bethany quite without a car. A moment of silence...

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Ashley said...

*sniff* every family has a car relationship somewhat like this one...for my family it was a 1988 Blue Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport (RIP)... Ask my brother about it..it was every family member's car at one point in time! So sorry for your loss. Grand Prix RIP *sniff*

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