Saturday AM Stamp Class

After a late night, I got up early to join Jennifer Elwell at her home for a card-making class. (Fortunately, Jennifer had Costa Rican coffee and muffins on hand to help me wake up.) We started the day with kits of the materials we needed. (A practice I should get into at home. It is WAY easier to start a project with all the pieces parts than to have to get up and search for what you need in the middle of it all.)

The class was taught by Jen's friend, Annette, who hosts in-home workshops and other sessions to teach different techniques. Best of all, since Annette is a "Stampin Up" distributor, the classes are very affordable. (Annette has a stamping blog,

There is something about working with inks and textured papers that is pure magic. And it was fun to play with Annette's "toys."

I love the finished product. A set of four monogrammed cards and a matching box. And the techniques I've learned will stay with me way beyond when I send out the cards.

What a great morning.

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