Star Lillies

John knows that star lillies are by far my favorite flower. Like magic they keep opening, so the arrangement changes daily.

And, they smell heavenly.

Thank you.


NancyJ said...

I didn't know that about you! Star lillies are my favorite too! It's all about the fantastic smell for me!! But...I've placed them in my guest room when I've had company and they have to be moved because the strong aroma overwhelms the room and the company gets a headache. To each his own, I guess...but I'm with you!

Happy said...

those are positively beautiful flowers! my favorites are roses and daises, but i could see star lilies making the top five! :)

Erin Bloggs-Brady said...

Stargazer Lilies are my favorite too! They were my grandmom's favorite and we had them at her funeral and then at my just made me feel like she was there with me!

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