Books, art and acoustic guitar

Tonight I went to the Northpark Barnes & Nobel for a book reading. Of course, because ArtLoveMagic was involved, there was music and art.

The author was Erik Raschke--author of The Book of Samuel--a humorous and poignant novel about the life of 12 year old Samuel growing up in Denver. As Erik read, one of the women in the audience talked about how much the "voice" really did sound like a 12-year-old boy. We later learned that Erik had been a teacher of middle school boys in New York City before moving to Amsterdam.

If Erik's last name sounds familiar it might be because his dad is Carl-the-Famous-Theologian--a recurring character in this blog.

I really enjoyed the reading--and was bummed when it stopped. Fortunately I have a signed copy in hand and an open Sunday afternoon.

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