Discovery Channel in our Backyard

One of my great joys is feeding the birds.

I love it that they sit on the fence and wait for John or I to come outside and refill the stash. Mostly we have sparrows and doves, but occasionally there is a blue jay, pidgeon, or cardinal...and for awhile, we had a big yellow parakeet--though I don't think he survived last winter.

Today--however--we had a different guest. One who wasn't there for our sunflower seeds.

We saw him once last year and watched him for a long time. We assumed that he was hunting one of our "alley bunnies" but just about the time I found him in our field guide (Cooper's Hawk) and read that he "often dines on small birds at backyard feeders" he swooped into our rosebush and snagged a sparrow for lunch.

Just like on TV....but through our window.

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