The Mural

So, this is how the mural at Crosspointe is shaping up. (Though I was working last week and don't have Jody's latest edition. And I think Sunny may have added some things to her portion on the lower right.)

Since we are painting a series that is looking at scripture as a whole, the symbology that plays throughout has taken on a whole new meaning for me. For the first time, I saw the significance in the thorns that are part of the curse when Adam and Eve are exiled in the book of Genesis (Jody added them to the right side of the first image) to the crown of thorns that Christ wore on the cross.

My contribution was "twigs." And as I thought about the symbology of the first sighting of green....of life...I just couldn't get the picture of the dove with a leaf in her mouth out of my head. A dove coming to Noah. A dove falling on Jesus at his baptism. The sign of the Holy Spirit. Beautiful.

I love looking at the theme of creation, fall, redemption and restoration as the story that is unfolding. A story that God is still writing...

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