Christmas Eve

Okay, so the best part of the day today--besides that it snowed--is that the four of us got to wake up together as a family and have tea together--something that almost never happens when you have grown kids.

We then drove to Fort Worth to have Christmas at my sister's house.  Normally, we have it at my mom's, but with my dad's triple bypass and mom being in the hospital last week, Karen's offer to host was much appreciated.

At some point along the line many, many years ago, we stopped cooking a big Christmas Eve dinner and started ordering pizza.  A practice my sister and I heartily endorse.

So after pizza, a little bit of Elf and discussions catching up on our favorite YouTube videos of the year (Taylor Swift's Monologue Song won hands down), we opened presents.

Since Mom and Dad had no time for shopping this year, they did cash--which Mom apologized for a zillion times, but we were openly thrilled with.

Karen got me a really cool salad set and the kids got gift cards.  I think all of us bought mostly practical gifts--except for the Name that Tune 80's Edition DVD game I got for Rick.  We all played in the afternoon.  Chase and I caught terrible breaks with obscure music videos that no one--not even those of us who lived through the 80's had seen. We were all sure that Rick and Elissa would trounce us--but in the end--it was Karen and Austin who kicked all of our butts.

In the evening, John, Chase, Bethany and I drove home in the snow, made tacos, had dinner together and played Wii.  I can't imagine a better Christmas eve.

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