Finding Happiness

Thursday night I went to John's softball game.  (Technically, I didn't actually get to see the game since I was stuck in traffic for an hour and a half , but I did make it to the after game get together for food and beer.)

I really like John's softball team.  They've been playing together since 1996 and are an amazing group of guys. On the nights I get to go, post-game conversation centers around sports, current events, funny stories and philosophy.

Last night, Jeff Centilli said something really profound.  He made the observation that basically unhappy people always look outside themselves for the source of their unhappiness. They spend energy on rearranging exterior things. On placing blame.  Conversely, he observed that basically happy people look internally to find the source of their unhappiness.  They look inside to discover where they need to offer forgiveness...where they need to shape their character.

It seems to me that Jeff's observation is true.  It also seems to me that John is very lucky to have such a cool group of friends.

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