My Favorites of 2009

If you are a blogger, then you know how cool it is to look back and watch the flow of ideas across a year. None of us are static, and a blog (or journal) allows you to see motion in yourself and your life.

As I've looked back across the year, these are some of my favorites...

- John and I discovered (late) that quantity time in marriage is the secret to quality time.

- Reading The Shack.

- Spending a week doing nothing except drawing with crayons in a notebook.

- Joining the board of Art Love Magic.

- My Sajaja Yoga experience.

- My little herb garden (and bird feeder) in the backyard.

- Bethany's room makeover.

- Chase survived his motorcycle crash.

- Painting with Jodi and Sunny for the [W]hole Story series at Crosspointe.

- Writing in this blog...especially the posts tagged 'belief'. (As it so happens, "Believe" was the theme for 2009.)

There are other important things, I know. I think maybe these stand out because they are the moments that seem to be the most personal.  And maybe the most 'me.'

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