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I finally got around to unloading photos from my iPhone. Many were just of simple things that struck me as inspirational. A cool piece of art. A piece of pop culture. An architectural feature.

But this one...I took in the middle of summer.

The newspaper kiosk is outside of the famous Bic's...the breakfast spot I visit with Nancy-the-Insightful each week.

Slipping down the side of the box, was this little melted green crayon.

And the whimsy of it struck me.  It seemed sort of beautiful with it's wrapper defying the elements and it's insides running free across the metal.  Definitely a simple joy....that made me smile again unloading the pictures. 

Better yet, the color scheme is amazingly appropriate for Christmas!

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NancyJ said...

I love it! Merry Christmas Eve Eve! And it was a Bic's day too! Fun pictures and fun Bic's!

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