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When John and I got back from softball tonight our DVR was sadly empty, so we amused ourselves with an hour of mindless YouTube. What we discovered, we share with you...

Surprise Kitty
You know when kittens do that thing...where you just think they can't get any cuter? Then they yawn, and you, THAT was the cutest. Well this video? Officially...the CUTEST!

JK Wedding Entrance Dance
It's the kind of thing you might do, if you didn't have a mother and mother-in-law involved in your wedding.

David After the Dentist
You know when you go to the dentist and they give you that gas? When you are seven that can be difficult to figure out.

You don't say?
When this was first shown in my office, there was much making fun of women being born this way...

And, as a bonus...Random Cathy's personal favorite viral videos of all time...

Dramatic Chipmunk

Numa Numa

Evolution of Dance

Ok Go

All the Single Babies

And probably my favorite of all time...The Font Conference.

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