ATC Swap for December

The theme for the "Until April" ATC swap this month was "Candy."  And as always, I love how the different artists come up with completely different ideas on a single theme.

In fact, even I had a hard time settling on a concept.  Such a hard time that I did two.  The first one...titled "sweet" where I simply drew a small piece of wrapped candy, and the second one--my favorite--which is titled "Candyland." (I'll let you figure it out.)

Debra Kolce's card celebrated candy addiction. (And smelled heavenly when I opened the envelope with chocolate flavored coffee beans.)  Jennifer Elwell not only did a "candy" card but also cleverly did a nod to the season.  And Melody Hay produced a card that looked as if you could eat it. (She told me later it isn't actual frosting...just an artist medium.)

Next month is a major challenge....the theme is 'moving parts.'  Yikes!

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