Bethany Graduates...sort of...

One of the weird things about graduating in December is that you don't actually get to "walk" until May, so though Bethany is officially graduated from high school, it will be another five months before she gets her diploma and the whole family comes out to celebrate. 

This morning was senior pictures, so I'm glad someone shot Bethany and Elisa in their caps and gowns via iPhone so that Bethany actually gets an image looking "graduated".

Tonight we took her to dinner at the place where we celebrate all big family events--Uncle Julios; then we went to play Glowy Golf and video games.  Bethany introduced me to a roller coaster simulator that was way fun.  We played some classics like Galaga and Centipede and raced motorcycles.  (Had it been real I would have died after riding 5 feet.)

And, though Bethany came in last at Glowy Golf, she actually beat her Dad at hoops.  (Something that is very, very hard to do.)

Now, while I'm blogging, we're all hanging out in John's office watching XMen.  I love the "us four and no more moments."  Now, getting back to that...


Nikki said...

What is she going to do for the next 4 months??

melany said...

Congratulations to her :)

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