This mornings KALEIDE event...

At least once a quarter, Crosspointe cancels regular services and instead of coming to the church to be blessed, we go out and bless the community.   Since David-the-Artist-Pastor has been teaching the past several weeks on the life of John-the-Baptist being a light life that ignites others, Magical-David-and-Kylie came up with the idea to make this Kaleide event about blessing firefighters.

So this morning, I made a green-bean casserole (potentially the only vegan and we are joining with five other families to take lunch to Carrollton's Fire Station #7.  Other groups of families are taking meals to other stations around the area.

There was a bit of a mix-up and the firefighters didn't actually know we were coming so the seven of us walking in with dishes and bags was a bit of a surprise, but they were so great and showed us around the fire station anyway letting us ask a zillion questions.

This particular station has both the oldest firetruck--which has been restored and now is mostly just used for parade duty--and one of the newest ones which is equipped with a ton of stuff--including equipment for cutting open cars.

One of the really cool things is that they explained how the fire stations of Carrollton and the surrounding communities of Lewisville, Coppell, Farmers Branch and Addison all have specialties.  The communities got together and decided rather than all being generalists they would each take a specialty the others could call on. There is high-angle rescues, deep dive, subterranean, etc.

I love this concept of blessing.  In fact, I was trying to think of a different word to use in this post, and just couldn't find one.   So, blessing it is!  Anyway, it was really great to "bless" people with a meal who serve our community. And as it turned out, they blessed us by giving us a glimpse of a life we'd heard about, but never really get to see.

And, we were assured that medical emergencies on the ambulance work nothing like House.

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