ArtLoveMagic's Underground at SouthSide Lamar

Tonight, ArtLoveMagic hosted one of its largest shows of the year: Underground.  ArtLoveMagic events are designed to break down the walls between art lovers and artists.  Visual artists create live, there is live music and poetry, and the energy of simply being there in the middle of all of it is amazing.  Every ArtLoveMagic show has its own theme and personality. The Underground show is all about "edgy" art.  The vibe was definitely "street" with taggers, comic book artists and other art forms that pushed the bounds.

Michael Lagocki's character, Hailey, is one of my favorites.  This collaboration between Michael--who inked the painting--and Ashley Jones who collaged it was the first time I'd ever seen Hailey in living color. 

Another piece that was compelling featured a group of men huddled together.  It was an interesting snapshot of human solidarity.

I purchased a t-shirt from Justin Nygren who was doing screen printing live. (; and there was an artist named George who had these amazingly cool metal flowers.  (I could only afford the small ones, but I bought three.)

Rina, Melody, Nathon, John and I decided to grab some coffee at the Opening Bell where we heard singer/songwriter Jeff Metil.  I really liked his style and picked up one of his CD's.

As I was talking with Rina and Melody, it occurred to me they looked like sisters sitting there, so I snapped their picture. (The light in the background threw the iPhone off, but hopefully you can see the resemblance.)

Tonight, when the last person leaves and all of the trappings of the show have been packed away, there will be a small group of ArtLoveMagic folks in the wee hours of the morning at a Waffle House somewhere, laughing about the joy of tonight and scribbling on napkins to plan the next one.

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