ATC Swap - Moving Parts

The theme for January's "Until April" ATC swap was "Moving Parts."   And I know I say this each time I blog about the ATC group, but I continue to be blown away by just how different the pieces turn out.

A single theme.  A standard size 3.5 x 2.5 (same as a playing card).  And interpretations as unique as the artists themselves.  The top left is Melody Hay's piece--which athough there were no literal moving pieces, the paint and objects have motion.

Debra Kolce's piece really drew me.  This picture doesn't fully reveal the texture of the canvas or the way it reflects light.  And the printing to the fabric of the flower engages me every time I look at it.

I didn't get how Jennifer Elwell's piece related to "moving parts" initially, because the card got crunched a bit in the mail.  When the brad is loosened the flower moves down the path when you flip the card.

Monica Cobbey's card actually does reach out and touch you when you pull the tab.  I continue to enjoy the nostalgic touches Monica puts in her pieces. Like the 1800's clip art of the hand or scrabble tiles. (Monica also sent her take on "Candy", the December theme which contained Conversation Hearts.)

As for me, I decided to go with a "pop up book" theme to get motion. (Inspired by the Wizard of Oz book Rhonda-of-the-Comic-Strip-Pantyhose got for me.) The photos turned out badly, so I'm not sure you can really see...

Next months theme?  Nostalgia.  Only three more months left...

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