In Dallas we get snow maybe--maybe--once a year.  And when we do it is just a thin layer that melts then refreezes into treacherous driving conditions.   However, this year was different. Last night, we had a record 12.5 inches of snow.  Never have I seen my world look so beautiful as if someone put sparkles and lace all over every single thing.

I had to call Nancy-the-Insightful to ride to work with me so we could oooh and ahhh together.  And the morning commute didn't disappoint.  What is normally mundane was transformed into magical.

Last night--after dinner with my friend Elsa-the-Poet--John and I went by his office so he could follow up on a computer he'd left running something.

On the way back to the car, I got to make my very first snow angel. (It was AWESOME!)

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