Weekend with the BFF's

Each year--for at least the past 15 years--my four best high school friends and I get together for a slumber party...just like we did in high school.  So, for a weekend we aren't women with careers and families.  Instead we are sixteen again swapping makeup tips, laughing about boys and solving all the world's problems. From left to right in this picture is LP, Lynette-the-Cowgirl, LC, Kristi-Gee-From-Tennessee, and me. 

Each year, the reunion rotates to who plans it and we all go to that person's city.  This year, it was LP's year to host and she suggested we all go to Great Wolf Lodge.  The five of us shared a room. (Which felt a lot like our old days at summer camp.)  We ate junk food, rode waterslides, and generally laughed ourselves silly.

LP suggested we all get tattoos. (The airbrushed kind.)  Which we did.  (Almost as fun as talking each other into getting real ones but without the buyers remorse that occurs when you get a tattoo on a lark.)

We all laughed that this year we didn't need as much time to catch up on what happened over the last year since we are all on Facebook and get to see each other's lifestreams.(Which meant we had time to go see a chick flick.)
As the years go by, I continue to be amazed at this group of women. It is truly unlike any other.  First of all...all of them speak highly of their husbands--not in a bragging sort of way (which would be annoying) but in an appreciative sort of way.  (Which says a lot not only about the men, but the women they live with.)

All of us love our kids deeply and each of us have some type of career.

All of us love Jesus, so often our conversation takes a spiritual turn.  And we equally laugh about the crazy religious world we grew up in and all of the stuff that made it too geeky for words.

It is really nice to be around those with whom you can say, "remember when?"  And they do.

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