Calling the Lurkers to Come out and Play | 5 Random Things

Okay Lurkers, your chance to talk back.  Tell me five random things about you.

Here are mine:

1. I love bubble tea from Fat Straws.

2. I decided in middle school that there were few things I could do to make the world better but that smiling was one of them.

3. I think crayons are the best thing ever invented.

4. I've learned in my 40's that a moment of quiet is the most useful gift you can give yourself.

5. I probably wrote this post days ago and did a delay publish.


Mollie Shaw said...

1. The Merchant in Canterbury Tales has the same economic theory as Obama!
2. Like a baby learns to release an object after he learns to grasp, at 50 I am learning when to let go of dreams - its harder but good!
3. Finding kitchen treasures, like 30 year old citrus reamers, in Mom's kitchen make me really happy.
4. Kids do well without me - they grow and stuff without me!
5. the story sequence follows the gospel: Created, Fallen, Redeemed! Happy endings are not irrelevant to culture!

D Herrod said...


I posted mine on my blog.

Big Tea said...

1. Drinking alcohol is less fun now and more sleep inducing, sad

2. I REALLY like peanut butter sandwiches

3. If you laid all the people in Carrollton end to end, they would all be smelling each others feet.

4. I read at least 50 books a year

5. 47 year old knees take a LONG stinking time to completely heal.

NancyJ said...

1. Andy Griffith is one of my parenting mentors.

2. I can embrace "generic" almost exclusively...except when it comes to Saran's got to be Saran Wrap.

3. I wear only 3 pairs of shoes - one for summer, one for winter, and one for exercise. Not something I recommend or am proud just is.

4. I LOVE filling forms out and typing. I also love watching TV and movies. Give me a form to fill in while watching Andy Griffith and I'm in my own utopia!!

5. I rarely cry in real life...but often cry during movies or commercials.

Ashley said...

1. Dumbo makes me cry. I can't watch it.
2. When I'm stressed or worried- I watch my child sleep. It's very comforting to me.
3. I am learning that often times, being strong means showing weakness
4. I have trust issues
5. I need at least 30 min of quiet alone time per day- if i don't get it I'm a bear.

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