Our Trip to LSU

This weekend, John, Bethany and I took an exploratory trip to LSU. A seven hour road trip.  Just the three of us.  (This photo is of Bethany contemplating her future outside of the tiger habitat on campus for the mascot.)

The orientation information was great and financial aid let Bethany know what her next steps need to be. (She is about 10 points away on her SAT from a scholarship.  She plans to retake.)

While the road trip was great, it left Bethany with more questions than answers.  Not because she didn't like the experience, but because she didn't set foot on the campus and "just know" she belonged there.

While Bethany hung out with one of her friends (who gave her a tour of the dorms and showed her where the mall is) John and I explored Baton Rouge.  Because I'm not a casino girl it took me forever to figure out how to play the slots. (The electronic ones are no fun.  You need a lever like in the movies.) But I finally found a nickle slot machine with a lever and watched it eat my money. (As it turns out, the "free" drinks they give you are REALLY expensive.)  We then picked up Bethany and all went out for Louisiana food and zydeco music. (Which was pretty great.)

So...no big life decisions made, yet.  But we had a great weekend.

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