Redecorating the gliders cage...

Kazoo and Kayla are our sugar gliders.  The thing about gliders is that they are very intelligent and they need new things added to their living space periodically to keep them mentally engaged.

We purchased Kazoo several years ago as an impulse buy. (We don't recommend this.  If you are interested in gliders do a whole lot of homework first. Gliders are more like owning a parrot than owning a hamster.  Hope for Gliders helped us get the information we needed and also connected us with a rescue glider to adopt--Kayla--since gliders do better in colonies than living alone.)

Anyway, we took out all of the toys that had been in the cage previously (except for a Fisher Price Little People boat--which they love).  I built a swing out of a piece of wooden molding left over from a house project. (Four holes drilled in the edges and some rope...tada!)  And we added some artificial plants for them to explore.  I also reintroduced a hollowed out coconut which had rotated out for awhile. (We made the coconut house too which required a lot of elbow grease and a hole saw.)

If you are curious about gliders and want to know more, I highly recommend checking out the Hope for Gliders website:

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