OMG...we had the BEST time!

ArtLoveMagic's "?" event started with an e-mail.  "Meet at Malcom X and Taylor. Look for the man with the yellow umbrella."

As it turned out, the man with the yellow umbrella was on the side of "Life in Deep Ellum."  My friend, Melissa--the only one brave enough to come with me--and I parked the car and went to stand in the parking lot to wait to see what was going on. 

The crowd itself was pretty interesting.  After all, how often do you see a guardian angel talking with a woman holding an accordian?

At first we just stood around.  (David Rodriguez was nice enough to snap a picture of me and Melissa in case I decided to blog about this later.  Like THAT was ever in question.)

Fortunately, there were some people we knew.  People we had met through other ArtLoveMagic events...including Rina...who is REALLY glad I didn't post the photo of her with the cone on her head whether she knows it or not.

There was a guy in the crowd talking about pirates vs. ninjas.  Now, I have to admit, I never knew this was a controversy, but as it turns out, there is a t-shirt for it (available at  Thing is that the controversy--though funny--started to get loud.  When finally Justin said...WAIT, WAIT,WAIT...let's settle this.  Pirates on one side.  Ninjas on the other.

(Do you even have to ask?  Of COURSE, I was a ninja!)

Justin led the ninjas to a secret stash of childhood weaponry.  Foam swords, waterguns, nerf slingshots, silly string.  We led an all-out assault on the pirates (who turned out to be similarly armed).  Just when the fighting was at it's height, we were invited by the carnies (yes...there were carnies) to throw down our arms, band together and join the circus.  Which we did.

Jugglers, dancers and a mime (unsure of the plural of mime) handed out juggling materials, hulahoops and ribbon sticks.  And we played.  It was fun.

(I think there may be photographic evidence on someone's Facebook site that I can keep a hula hoop going.)

Part of the magic was simply the element of surprise which created wonder as things kept unfolding.  An unfold they did.  The pirates were declared the winners and we were treated to the sounds of the Pirate Tramp band. (I think this was the name.)

We enjoyed a few songs (Justin handed out instruments so we could play along) then like the pied piper we marched through the streets of Deep Ellum eventually winding up at the Dallas Comedy House...which was FANTASTIC.  Great food, great show...and Justin brought chemlight bracelets.

We were even escorted back to our car by Rafael, the Guardian Angel who I had the BEST conversation with.  He is a way interesting guy!

If you were afraid to gamble on the event, you know by now you missed out.  The good news is that ArtLoveMagic just might do this again.

If you get the chance, jump on it!


Chris Linville said...

Awesome! Thanks for writing about the event. Josh, Justin & I had a great time putting it together. I'm stoked you enjoyed. Also, thanks for linking my website where you can pick up some booty & follow as we set sail around the world.

D Herrod said...

Sounds fun. Nate has had several Ninja v. Pirates on his FB

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