You are more than what you seem...

This post is really just a reminder to you that you are more than...

You are more than the role you play in your family or the job where you work or where you live.

More than the way other people look at you.

More than your favorite color or the movies you like.

More than your financial struggles, relational challenges and conflicts. 

More than your success, regrets or failures.

More than the size jeans you wear.

We all have ways we define ourselves, label ourselves, limit ourselves. And yet, we are so much more than that.

More and more I'm convinced that the key to becoming all we really are is about love. Our ability to both accept and to give the love. Every act of sacrifice, forgiveness, mercy and grace leads us closer to becoming the "more" that we really, truly are.  Everything else is either context or window dressing.

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