Chase turns 22

Chase is in town off and on this week as he wraps up his life in College Station and prepares to go to college in Kentucky.

For the summer, he is working at Sky Ranch so we decided to celebrate his birthday a bit early at the place where we celebrate all big family events for John, Chase and Bethany...their favorite restaurant--Uncle Julios.

It is hard for me to believe that my son is 22...until I talk with him.  His plans, thoughts and goals are all grown up ones now. He spent yesterday afternoon following up on the paperwork he needs to finish for acceptance to school in Kentucky.  Chase's ultimate goals are to become a youth minister and to move to Seattle.

One of the things about having college age kids is that you have to schedule to get to connect with them. We all laughed that we arrived at Julios in different cars and had planned it early so Bethany could make it to class and Chase could get back to College Station to finish his packing.  Our 2 hours of "just us four and no more" were even more precious because it doesn't happen every day like it did when the kids were little.

It was even fun to arrive and see Beth studying with her quirky system of colored tabs throughout her book. (Bethany has used a color coding system for studying and lists since middle school.)  She definitely prefers analog to digital.  Beth told me she learned the sushi rolls for waitressing by color coding.  Even if she can't remember all of the ingredients in a given roll, she knows the base.

This morning, looking at these photos and blogging about it is giving me joy.  I'm so proud of my kids.

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