Why I love yoga...

I first discovered yoga about 10 years ago at my local gym.  During the class it seemed easy, then when I woke the next day I could barely move.  I picked up a Rodney Yee video...AM Yoga.  Then off and on more videos or gym classes...until finally, I discovered how practicing at an actual yoga studio could take you so much deeper.

The thing about yoga is that it goes beyond the physical to the emotional.  I don't think this is unique to yoga...after all, runners describe a "runners high."  Practicing yoga creates a sense of well being that I haven't experienced elsewhere. Plus, remember when you were a kid and would move just for the joy of moving to discover what you could do? Yoga allows me to "discover" and to see improvement over time.

This holistic practice of quieting the mind, focusing on deep breathing, moving in ways I didn't know I could move and building strength and balance is amazing to me.  It creates moments of sharp contrast to the everything-all-the-time world I live in. Best of all, these hours of quiet training my body and mind to be still has amplified my prayer life in ways I absolutely love.

Moreover, yoga is accessible to just about everyone. You don't have to be tall and willowy or a power gymnast to be able to practice.  Yoga sort of meets you where you are and helps you get better. And for 5'3" mom-shaped can't-catch-a-ball me...that's been tremendous!

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5' 3" really? You're gonna go with that :-)

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