Changes in Plans

Last week, the plan was that Chase would finish his work at the camp, pack up his car and go to Seminary in Kentucky.  In fact, he was supposed to go this week to check out a place to live.

It was a bit of a challenge in that classes start before his job at the camp as a counselor ends.  Then other challenges popped cost prohibitive flights to get there this week to arrange a place to live, finding the majority of his credits wouldn't transfer and getting sick making it difficult to do the 30 hour drive required to get to Kentucky and back and still make his friend's wedding.

Sometimes when a path gets blocked from multiple angles, it is a good idea to observe and consider why.

Bethy has been finding her own road blocks too.  She forgot to send a deposit with the dorm registration, ran into a ton of bureacracy when she went up to check the campus out at Spring break, and has really been bummed that her only choices of dorms now in the process are the low end ones.

So, last night when Chase told me he had made the decision to finish his undergrad in Denton before going to seminary and that he and Bethy are getting an apartment together it was a surprise, but somehow seems like exactly the right thing to do. 

John and Troy are close because a lot of their life they've lived together.  Same friends. Time spent as roommates.  Working together.  Shared experiences make for deep relationships.  That is especially true when you are family.  I am excited that Beth and Chase are going to be given that gift.

When we talked about it, I told Chase I wasn't sure why but that it felt right.  He said, "To me too."

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