The Family Connection

One of the things I love about John's family that I don't remember having with my family growing up is a strong sense of family culture.  There is a whole list of things (some of them silly) that make you part of the family:

1) It is absolutely essential that you drink copious amounts of coffee or tea.

2) Honesty and integrity are strong in your personal code of ethics daily.

3) You must never drink through a straw.

4) Music is important to life.

5) You must be skilled at playing 42.  Not just any 42, but as John's cousin, Gary, calls it "life or death, steel cage match, winner-take-all, battle to the death, 42."

We have passed these things on to our kids (though with our love of bubble tea Bethany and I skate on the straw thing..).  Having a culture that is unique to your family creates connection.  It makes people feel like they belong.  And they do....unless they make you lose a hand in a failed attempt at "double blind nello."

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