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Saturday, John and I drove to Fort Worth to take Dad to lunch for Father's Day.  Olive Garden's soup, salad and breadsticks was what dad decided on and we ordered appetizers to make it a little more Fathers Day special.

We also made a trip to Petsmart to buy a mirror.  Dad has a beautiful white parakeet now.  The best part is that it found him.  It was flying around outside and landed at his feet.  He reached down with a finger and the bird jumped on it.  Now, Snow White lives safely indoors with plenty of seed and water.

Sunday morning John and I took Bethany to breakfast so we could see her before she left for Cancun with her best friend, Elisa.  (I cannot tell you how pleased I am that Elisa's mom went with them!) 

It was fun driving them to the airport to experience the "off on an adventure" joy.  Bethany is thrilled that her passport will finally have a stamp in it.

This morning is a Bic's morning with Nancy...so I am typing quickly.  Not only that, but the gliders hanging out on my robe keep nipping at me to finish and take them back to their pouch.  Actually, this is John's robe, but we laugh that wearing it just makes us a big, gray sugar glider since Kayla and Kazoo seem to like it so much.  I often have one or two of them on my shoulder while blogging early morning.

Off to start my day.


NancyJ said...

Always love your pictures - they make each story pop with life, and I'm sure are priceless to look back on for you and your family!

I noticed that the glider's back is usually furry like a little chipmunk, but in this picture looks like snake skin? Are they "molting" because of summer or something?

Cathy_H said...

I think the flash just overly highlighted the fur. Molting? No way!

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