Theatre 166

For the past four years, Crosspointe has had a dream to have a space they could share with the community.

Two weeks ago we opened Theatre 166.  The idea is that there are 168 hours in a week and we use the space for two of those hours leaving the other 166 for artists, musicians and other performance-based events.

To the left is the lobby complete with original works by Jody Neice (and amazing Ugandan fair-trade coffee).

The gallery space currently has a showing of photographs of participants in the Ugandan Children's project.  The images are by photographers Bill Bollin and David Wahlstedt.

(I wish you could see the piece hanging behind me on the wall that Lisa Bollin painted.  It is all white and is perfectly incredible.)

There are two small children's venues but the main space is what I love. 

It is pretty incredible when you have theatre designers volunteer their time for free. The acoustics, audio, video, lighting and stage design in the black box theatre are fantastic.  Not only that, but the risers, can actually be configured to create a lifted stage with the audience seated on the floor.

The flexible space was designed to support a wide variety of performance types, but especially amplified music.

I love it when things you dream of become reality.

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