What I did on my day of vacation...

Ever get to a place where you are still smiling, but feel like you are hanging on by your fingertips?

(Why yes, I did craft that first sentence just to fit with the picture...)

I'm there.  I'm out of juice. Things take 5x longer than they should because I'm just not "on."  I'm tired. Not lack of sleep tired, lack of energy tired. Fending off migraines and seeing spots tired.

So, I took a day off  to recharge. A whole day of little stupid fun stuff.  Here's what I did:

1. I made fresh carrot juice.
2. I blogged.
3. I discovered a fantastic new bakery.  (Mozart on Old Denton near Super H Mart. )
4. I read through all my "Crayon Devotions" for the year and entered two more.

5. I started Pres Gillham's new book, No Mercy.
6. I bought a birdhouse and primed it. (Also bought a big letter H and painted it.)
8. Ate sushi.
9. I sketched the painting I'm going to do to replace the dreadful one I did in an hour that is now hanging at Crosspointe.
10. I picked up the plates for my new car.
11. I bought a new mailbox.  (John installed it.) And I bought a corner rounder and stamp scrubbie like Debra Kolce used at the last workshop.
12. I registered Nancy and I for the Yoga Nidra workshop.
13. Had bubble tea.
14. Assembled a small package for Chase to send with his mail.
15. Shaved the dog. (Lucky has thick black fur and is miserable in the summer. She smiled when I finally finished. Is really cute when she does that.)
16. Went to the ArtLoveMagic board meeting. (After a shower because I was a sweaty gross black fur covered mess.)
17. Had vegan food at Cosmic Cafe and read more on No Mercy.
18. Bought cookie cutters so I could make a fun bento lunch tonight.
19. Made bento.
20. Blogged again so I wouldn't forget when I wake up tomorrow and face two days worth of work to finish by 5pm that I killed some of the pirhanna's that were bugging me and did fun stuff like paint, write and eat foods I love.

Update: John's comment..."THAT was your rest day? I don't want to do that many things on a busy day."

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