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This weekend was ArtLoveMagic's girlShow.  Two nights of all female artists, musicians, poets and craftsmen (craftswomen?). 

I'm finding it hard to capture in words the energy of it all in a blog post. There were two stages going at all times.  The main stage featured female break dancers, a fashion show, bands like RinTinTin. I found myself drawn to the Mokah Lounge--a more intimate venue--which featured singer/songwriters like Southern Karma, Erin Gayden and Jaime Reeves and spoken word artists like Audacious and Maggie Smith. (Maggie Smith performs a piece on the Letter B that I always love hearing!)

It is always interesting to me to discover the work I'm drawn to.  It is almost always high color with motion and hopeful themes.  I purchased this painting by Cori Berg.  Her drawing style is tattoo art on high color backgrounds.

Another artist--Sarah Zamora--was also a favorite. Her series of "girls" in mixed media is a favorite.  (And if I had the budget, I would purchase them all.)  During the show she painted a woman who started dark and in outline surrounded by negative words, but over the course of the night she became bright and beautiful surrounded by words of beauty and hope.  The transformation captured the theme of girlShow which was "Perfect 10" and focused on redefining the term.

I picked up this print of Sarah's--which the photo doesn't do justice.  The painting is on a page from a dictionary where the word "cross" is contained.

I really, really, really wish I could have purchased the original on this one by Michelle Wallace.  When I asked her about it she told me it was inspired by a story her friend told her about contemplative prayer and falling leaves. (It is a really cool experience to be drawn to a painting then find out the story appeals to something inside of you.)

With all of these wonderful pieces, you might think that girlShow was simply about the art, but the real power is about being immersed in all of that creative energy for hours on end.

If you are in Dallas--or might want to plan a trip here next year--schedule it around girlShow.

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