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I got an e-mail from Reny Madjarska last night who is handling the social media promotion for Pres Gillham's book, No Mercy.  It was beautiful, so I thought I would share...

People need to know they are significant.
People need to know [their heavenly] Father is close all the time.
People need to know they are loved.
People need to be able to distinguish and defend themselves from the lies of the enemy.

The most beautiful part of Reny's e-mail was the tone. This isn't a minor concern.  It is the cry of her heart.

Did you ever hear the parable about the girl who found an egg and put it in a chicken coop?  The thing is that the little girl didn't know it was an eagles egg, so the eglet was raised with the chickens.  Rather than soaring high in beauty, it pecked and scratched about in the dirt. Rather than giving its beautiful cry, it clucked and cackled. It lived out what it knew and missed who it was designed to be.  The parable gets retold because something inside us knows the story is true.  We love the rags to riches stories because they call to that part of us deep inside that knows there is more to life than what we are experiencing.

The big theme in No Mercy is about learning to receive love.  It chronicles leaving love to chase Significance, being crippled by Competence, and about being lied to an lied to in a continual drone so that you can't believe who you truly are...can't believe that you are truly loved...that you are worthy of love. The book explores the call of religion to concern itself with the insignificant and to not only ignore the heart, but to sometimes kill it. 

My favorite part of Reny's e-mail was her deep passion that people discover who they really are.  I'm fairly certain that Reny is the type of person who would shed tears over Christians settling for a shallow version of love or for people missing out on love altogether. Funny thing is that I've never met Reny in person.  Only digitally.  Hearts like that glow through.  Even when they live all the way in California. Hearts that know love, love back, and they can't settle for anything less than the real and beautiful thing.

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