Veganism, Date Night, and the Theme for the Year

For context, in my heart I've wanted to be vegan.  I like the idea of it.  It is a Garden-of-Eden sort of idea.  There is "no harm."  Yet I find--especially when I travel--that if I don't get enough whole grains and legume combinations that I need fish or eggs to balance.  (I have a really hard time with milk giving me athsma so that is never in the equation.) And part of me always felt like I'm failing...

Saturday, John and I really needed a date night which for us translates into a real date...romance, conversation...just us without demands from the outside world. It was my night to pick. (Yes we alternate doing things the other wants to do and learn to appreciate what makes us each unique in the process).

So, I was looking up to see if we needed reservations to get into the raw food restaurant here in Dallas and ran across some links I began to explore.  The "Meet Up" group for the Dallas Raw Foodists showed that there was a class in a few hours.  It was from 4:30 to 6:30 which meant it wouldn't conflict with date night.

So we printed directions and went to hang with people we had never met before.
I'm not sure what I was expecting but it was somewhere along the lines of a group of thin, perfect people with glowing skin.  Instead I found a mix of real people at different points in their own personal journeys who had come to learn. 

John said he was surprised to find that Brian (the teacher) looked "like a guy."  Healthy.  After all, John said, "if you were defending a village or waging a war against oppressors of the helpless you wouldn't start the recruit with the raw vegans."

So, Brian-the-Healthy-Guy started teaching.  The class focused on what you do daily--which especially resonated with me since it is Theme for 2010 .    The class mostly covered cleansing (doing things that help your lungs, kidneys, colon and skin shed toxins and waste) but in the teaching Brian told more of a story of natural and indiginous food, water and cleaning products. I was interested in reading his blog this morning about his journey into and out of raw veganism and where he has landed with that.

I love meeting people who have different experiences to me.  Theodore Zeldin said...“Conversation is a meeting of minds with different memories and habits. When minds meet they don’t just exchange facts; They transform them, reshape them, draw different conclusions from them, engage in new trains of thought. Conversation doesn’t just reshuffle the cards, it creates new cards.”

So here are my new cards:

1) John and I are adjusting some of the things we do daily.
2) I'm test driving letting go of a lot of my chemical laced soaps and lotions in favor of oils like olive and grapeseed.
3) I've reframed on vegan as an ideal and am focused on more 'high-vibration' and 'whole' foods. (Though please don't ask me to eat meat products other than fish.  Eeeew.)  That actually puts me back to where I started my journey with Marilu Henner's book so many years ago:  pescatarian minus the dairy.
4) I'm adding more houseplants to keep the air in my house clean.
5) I am completely ick'ed out by water and am concerned my Brita filter is not doing the trick. (Thanks, Brian.)

Another part of this story is how much I liked Brian and Jessica's home.  The furnishings were very pretty, but simple.  Clean lines.  A mantle full of things you might find on a walk through the woods.  There was no television.  In fact there were limited electrical appliances period.  But my favorite, favorite part, was the two chairs I saw sitting together under the tree in the back yard.   (And no, John is not giving up his big screen to buy chairs.  Smile.)

After the meeting, John and I had date night with lots of new stuff to talk about. I love it that John my athlete-poker-playing-science-fiction loving husband of 23 years is open to walking this journey with me.  And if you are wondering if we ever do this in reverse.  Yes.  He introduced me to Tron yesterday in all of its geeky splendor. (It was actually pretty fantastic, and John explained some of the points that were lost on me.)

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